Meet our Solicitors

Howard Bernstein (Solicitor Advocate)

Howard Bernstein is the sole director of Howard Bernstein Solicitors. He qualified as a solicitor in 1997 establishing Howard Bernstein Solicitors in 2002. He is well known to be one of the leading advocates across the North West and regularly appears at Tameside and High Peak Magistrates Courts.

He also specialises in Prison Law and has represented a number of clients in relation to matters that have arisen during their incarceration.

Mr Bernstein is a Higher Rights Advocate and represents many of our clients in the Crown Court.

He prides himself on overseeing all cases that are dealt with at Howard Bernstein Solicitors, ensuring that all clients receive the highest quality of service that this company can offer.

He has been involved in the representation of a number of high profile cases including allegations of gang related murder, kidnap, conspiracy to supply class A drugs & Serious Fraud.

Rebecca Wrack (Solicitor)

Miss Wrack joined this company having qualified in 2005 and represents clients in the Magistrates Court across the North West. She has gained herself a reputation as being one of the finest advocates in the North West.

In 2007 Miss Wrack obtained a qualification to represent clients within the Crown Court and has appeared in Crown Courts across the North West as a Higher Rights Advocate.

However, Miss Wrack lends her speciality to the Magistrates and Youth Courts to ensure we provide a supreme quality of care to clients appearing in these Courts.

Rachel Wilson (Solicitor)

Rachel qualified as a Solicitor in 2011 and joined the firm in 2018 Prior to qualifying as a solicitor, Rachel had her own Crown Court caseload, ensuring that cases of the most serious nature were fully prepared for Court.  Rachel has a wealth of experience and represents clients across all Police Stations and Courts.

Caroline King (Solicitor)

Caroline joined the firm in 2019 and has been a welcome member of our team, representing clients across the Northwest from the police station through to trial.

Saul Comish (Solicitor)

Mr Comish qualified as a solicitor in 2003 and joined Howard Bernstein Solicitors in 2003. He has established himself at our company, as one of our trial experts.


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